Why you should not buy DIY stains and sealers from big box stores for exterior home cleaning

September 21, 2023

Why Big Box stores like Lowes and Home Depot are not great options for buying stains and sealers

Big box store stains and sealers are frequently criticized for being inferior to professional-grade materials for a number of reasons:

Lower Quality Ingredients: Big box retailers sometimes sell a wide variety of goods, and quality may not always take precedence above affordability and mass appeal. As a result, compared to professional-grade treatments, the stains and sealers sold in these outlets frequently include lower-quality chemicals. The performance of the product as a whole, color retention, and durability may be impacted by these inferior ingredients.

Limited Product assortment: Compared to niche shops or professional suppliers, big box stores typically have a less assortment of stains and sealers. The offered solutions might not fit the precise requirements of some projects since they are more general or geared toward a larger user base. Professional-grade goods may have a wider range and more customisation choices to suit particular requirements.

Issues with Dilution or Shelf Life: Big box retailers occasionally dilute or lengthen the shelf life of their items in order to appeal to a wider market. The concentration of active chemicals may be weakened by this dilution, decreasing the potency of stains and sealants. Additionally, if the goods have been on the shelf for a while, they may perform worse because of exposure to light, temperature adjustments, or long time in storage.

Lack of Expert Advice: Big box stores typically have a wide variety of goods, such as stains and sealers, but it’s possible that they don’t have experienced employees who are experts in these particular goods. This implies that buyers could not get the same amount of help and direction from experts who are knowledgeable about stains and sealers. It may not fully address proper application methods, compatibility with various surfaces, and other significant issues.

Professional-Grade Performance: In comparison to goods sold in big box stores, professional-grade stains and sealers frequently go through more thorough testing and quality control procedures. They offer improved protection, lifespan, and overall performance and are made to resist more difficult situations. Although big-box store goods can still have some uses, they will not deliver same level of options or performance.

It’s important to remember that not all stains and sealers purchased from large box stores are inferior. Some goods may still be appropriate for everyday use or more straightforward jobs. However, it’s frequently advised to seek advice from professionals or look for materials at specialty shops that specialize in stains and sealers for more specialized or demanding applications.


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