Why You Should Have Your Deck Professionally Power Washed

September 21, 2023

Deck power washing is an important part of maintaining the investment you put into your deck. Not only does a dirty deck look bad, but dirt and grime also starts to wear away at the wood. Power washing is a crucial part of maintaining your deck, and the frequency required will depend on the material you have chosen for your deck. For example, wood will require more maintenance than a composite material like Trex. The benefits of deck power washing are many, and it is a service that is best handled by a professional.

Benefits of Deck Power Washing

Obviously a clean deck is desirable, but deck power washing brings with it other benefits as well, not the least of which is really protecting your investment on a much larger scale. Some other benefits of power washing a deck are:

  • Removing dirt, dust, and debris faster
  • Stopping mold and mildew before they rot the wood
  • Preparing for paint or stain
  • Prolonging the life of the wood
  • Boosting home’s resale value

Why Deck Power Washing Should Be Done by Professionals

It may seem like the most cost-effective strategy to go to the local home improvement store, rent a power washer, and clean your deck yourself. However, you can actually end up causing damage to your deck and costing yourself even more money in the long run by choosing not to hire a professional. 

Safety Concerns

Pressure washers can actually be incredibly dangerous. If the person operating the machine doesn’t know precisely how to handle it, it can cause serious injuries. Because of the intense pressure (sometimes up to 4,000 psi of water pressure flow), loss of control of the nozzle can cause injuries as small as cuts or bruises and as extreme as eye injuries, tissue damage, and worse. Professional pressure washers know how to use the machines to avoid injury and have the proper safety gear to do so.


Environmental Effects

Chemicals and excessive water use both have big effects on the environment. For deck owners who want to be more environmentally friendly, hiring a professional is the best choice. Without the proper precautions, chemicals or polluted water can seep into your landscaping and damage plants, and it can even cause harm to your animals that come into your yard. When professionals handle the deck power washing, they know exactly how to do so without causing any damage and letting these chemicals seep into the surrounding areas.


Deck Damage

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional power washer for your deck is that professionals know how to prevent damage to your deck. Deck power washing is a big investment-protector if done properly, but if mishandled, it can end up causing more damage. Different types of materials require different chemicals, pressure, and methods, and choosing the wrong techniques can cause chipping, splintering, and other damage to the deck’s surface, which can become worse over time and end up costing huge amounts of money.


Better Results

A professional knows the right way to power wash the deck, meaning they will get better results in less time. Soft washing may be necessary to protect the deck, it may need a different type of chemical, or it may even need extra consideration in certain areas. Not knowing the right way to do the power washing can cause damage, but it can also mean a lot of wasted time and money without very good results. If you end up causing damage by trying to power wash your deck yourself, you may have to sand the deck afterward to get rid of splintering, which is time-consuming and harsh for the deck.


Removal of Stain or Finish

Deck power washing the wrong way can actually remove the stain or finish from your wooden deck. Think of how much money you invested to get this stain done (which you probably do regularly). This will be wasted if you power wash the wrong way. It can also be destructive to the material itself, requiring the reapplication of the stain or finish to bring the deck back to its beautiful aesthetic.


Apply Pressure Are Deck Power Washing Professionals

Veteran Owned and Operated small business
Apply Pressure is proud to offer power washing and pressure washing services in the Dayton area. We are one of the highest rated exterior cleaning companies from the Dayton and surrounding areas. 

At Apply Pressure, we know that your home is one of your biggest and most important investments . It is our mission to ensure that we leave you smiling from ear to ear. Our team is fully trained to use the proper chemicals and cleaning techniques every time.


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