Benefits of Soft Washing Your Home

September 21, 2023

Keeping up on a home’s exterior is at the top of the priority list for many homeowners. From beautiful flower beds to a vibrant green lawn, there are many ways to boost the curb appeal of your home. But homeowners often overlook one of the biggest ways to spruce up the exterior of your home- washing the house itself. When it comes to washing your home, you must avoid trying to pressure wash it yourself, as this can damage your home. Instead, find a professional who
specializes in soft washing.


What is Soft Washing?

You might be wondering, “what is soft washing? How is it different from pressure washing?” We’re here to answer those questions and provide insight on why you should only choose soft washing for your home.

Soft washing is a low pressure washing technique that is used to safely clean exterior surfaces that would otherwise be damaged by high pressure washing. Soft washing is also more effective for cleaning algae, mold, and mildew due to the cleaning chemicals used. The chemical mixture used generally consists of bleach, surfactants, and water. These chemicals are environmentally friendly and kill algae, mold, and mildew at a molecular level.


Soft Washing Benefits

There are many benefits to choosing soft washing for cleaning your home’s exterior. From avoiding damage to destroying bacteria, soft washing is a no-brainer. Here are 4 reasons why you should choose soft washing for your home.


Reduces the chance of damage to your home

The soft washing cleaning technique is the preferred method for cleaning your home’s exterior. If high pressure is used, you risk damaging your siding and roof. High pressure on asphalt shingles will cause the shingles to lose granules, which affects the integrity of your roof and shortens the lifespan of the shingles. Most roofing and siding manufacturers will completely void your warranty if high pressure washing is used.

Instead, you should rely on soft washing techniques for cleaning your home. Soft washing is approved by roofing and siding manufacturers and cleans your home more effectively than high pressure washing.


Instant curb appeal

Did you know that you should be soft washing your home every 1-2 years? Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect to clean their home’s exterior at all. Having your home’s exterior professionally soft washed is a simple way to keep your home looking great. It removes all the dirt and grime from your home, keeping your house looking like new.


Elimination of mold, mildew, and algae growth

Your home’s exterior is exposed to all weather conditions, meaning there will be wear and tear and dirt build-up over time. Left untouched for too long, this grime can lead to mold, mildew and algae growth. This is harmful to your home and will lead to
further deterioration of your shingles and siding.

Soft washing eliminates these issues at the root. By washing with a mixture of bleach, surfactants, and water, the harmful bacteria is killed at a molecular level. High pressure washing does not use these chemicals and relies solely on high pressure water, which does not eliminate the bacteria at the root. This is another reason why soft washing is the preferred method for house washing.


Keeps your family healthy

Mold and mildew are allergens that can affect the health of you and your family. Mold is known for its ability to spread. If it’s prevalent on the exterior of your home, it can eventually make its way inside. This is harmful to the health of your family, and will require professional mold remediation to eliminate. By soft washing your home, you’ll destroy the issue before it becomes bigger.


Soft Washing is Key to a Clean Home Exterior

Soft washing is far superior to pressure washing when it comes to cleaning the exterior of your home. It is the only cleaning method approved by roofing and siding manufacturers due to the damage that high pressure washing can cause. It also eliminates the harmful bacteria at a molecular level, keeping your family safe and your home’s exterior looking sharp. Professionals have the tools and knowledge required to safely and effectively soft wash your home, keeping your investment clean for years to come.


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