Algae vs. Mold on the Home and How to Get Rid of It

September 21, 2023

Whether it’s algae or mold growing on your home, both are equally as harmful and should be removed quickly if able. Although mold is harmful to your health, algae is still harmful to your home. Here you will learn the difference between algae and mold as well as how to get rid of it and maintain keeping it away.


Thankfully Algae is not harmful to our health and simply wants to just enjoy the sunny, moist surfaces of your home; however, it is defined as a pesky moss plant spread by airborne spores so it can become a pain and cause cosmetic issues. Algae is plant-like and eats stratified rock filler in roof shingles and raw material on home siding. Because of this, it will leave a black deposit which will eventually travel down the roofing system, dividing the granules in the roof tiles and causing them to need to be replaced. This happens especially in humid climates on asphalt roof shingles. You’ll usually find algae on the North side of your roof, as this side is shaded for the majority of the day and collects moisture. Having overhanging trees or leaking or clogged gutters can also contribute to growing algae.


Mold on the other hand is harmful to one’s health, causing issues from lung issues such as asthma to headaches and irritation of the eyes and throat. Certain types of mold are also linked to chronic pain, inflammation and other diseases. This is why the identification of mold vs algae is so important. Typically, mold thrives in humid, dark, and damp conditions, and oftentimes can be found on wood. The space behind house siding and roof shingles are both breeding grounds for mold, and mold can grow quickly. Sometimes mold can be an indicator of an issue inside too. Warm, damp, and poorly ventilated basements and attics can both cause mold to grow and spread into your siding, roof and deck on the exterior. You can search your basement and attic for any rotting wood, discolored insulation, condensation, roof damage or musty odors if you suspect it’s coming from inside. To identify mold, you’ll notice is a slimy fungus that looks like black, brown or green blotches, but a professional would be best at helping you to identify the culprit.

What to Do About Algae and Mold

The simplest solution to deal with mold and algae is to simply prevent it from even happening, and you can do this through scheduling regular house washings once a year. In another blog we will talk about the best time of year to power wash your house but for now, all you need to know is this should be left to the professionals considering it’s their area of expertise. If you already have a mold or algae problem, it’s also best to call a professional for help. Even if it’s just algae, algae has a symbiotic relationship with certain fungi and the pairing of the two can lead to the growth of lichens, posing a significant structural concern. A professional can make sure to remove all organisms living in and around your home to make sure nothing else grows that shouldn’t. As for mold, a professional power washer can make sure to neutralize and remove all mold with a biodegradable cleanser to help remove it and prevent it from coming back in the future.


When it comes to other organisms using your home for their own benefit, a professional’s help and guidance is the only for sure way to cover all your bases and make sure the job is being done right. Call
Apply Pressure today if you think you’re experiencing algae or mold growth on your home so that we can get it taken care of before more damage is done!


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